Training Courses

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We organize training courses for pastry chef composed by many lessons a week for anyone who wants to improve and learn about pastry making.

Training courses for beginner (fun):

  • Program: elaboration of bases for desserts like cream, puff pastry, sponge-cake, etc...
  • Requirements: a lot of passion for pastry making.

Training courses semi-professional:

  • Program: elaboration of tipical neapolitan desserts like babà, pastiera, delizia, sfogliatella, etc...
  • Requirements: a good knowledge of bases of pastry making.

Training courses professional:

  • Program: deepening of tipical neapolitan desserts to realize composition in dessert-plates for catering.
  • Requirements: an excellent knowledge of pastry making.

The timetable will be estabilished according to the student's needs.
At the end of the course it will be delivered a certificate.

Courses place: Sorrento (NA) (for on-site courses you have to ask for availability contacting by mail or phone)

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