Who We Are

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Costantino Della Pietà was born in Sorrento, here he started very young his career in pastry making.

In the early 70's he had a long period of learning between Udine and Milano, where in 1975 he achieved "pastry chef qualification" at the professional centre of Lombardia region.

After this, Costantino had a lot of work experiences in Italy and abroad, and he achieved a diploma.

In 1992 Costantino and his wife took over a historical pastry store, ‘O Funzionista, with the purpose to continue, increase end renew traditional specialties' productions, that's why this pastry store (unfortunately closed now) has been a reference point for tipical desserts of Sorrento.

The main characteristic of Costantino's pastry is the research of traditional recipes, the use of original ingredients so that raw materials offered by Sorrento can be respected.
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